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Guardian Knights is a website (not a company, and not a military unit, despite the name sounding as such) that promotes games made by a game-development club with the same name.

What Kind of Games We Make

We make FPS & strategy games, as well as other genres:

  • FPS (first person shooters) – this genre is the most popular genre and involves a lot of bloodshed, which is why it is so controversial.
  • Plans Only – this genre is much more docile and only requires a ton of brain power to win the game, not a murderous intention. This genre and the FPS one are our main bread and butter for this club. We sell games in these two genres in the Itch.io  game distribution community so that we can get away with not charging a monthly club due.
  • Casual Games & other genres – we also make HTML5 games free-to-play for the wider Internet.

How You Can Be a Part of Our Club

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